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The Eggregore is a thought-form, more precisely a non-self-conscious uncorpored entity, emanating from one or more persons capable of influencing the consciousness of others, conveying informations also through space and time; if created through ritual practices or particular methods of collective meditation, it can take a very incisive dimension towards those who come into contact with it.

Each initiatory Order has one, received by transmission, old as the Order itself and made up of all the knowledge, experience and history of the actual and past members of the aforementioned Order, for this reason the Eggregore is the more powerful as the experiences that form it are valid.

The Eggregore touches all those who have received regular Initiation with entry into the brotherhood, but naturally, the sensitivity of each individual changes in relation to the perception of the Eggregore, which touches the unconscious, and then indirectly emerges at the conscious level.

The Eggregore also exists in profane, daily situations, and is formed in families, public facilities and at any meeting point that has a history, although in these cases, they are not eggregore built and fed with any purpose or specific notion.