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"Cercle Sigebert IV"

"Cercle Sigebert IV"

"Cercle Sigebert IV" - Priory of Sion

The "Cercle Sigebert IV" is our official external circle, within which studies are carried out, researches and projects are developed that are relevant to the Priory of Sion and its tradition.


The "Cercle Sigebert IV" meets periodically and studies are carried out on the following themes


- The Priory of Sion and its history

- The initiatory and chivalrous tradition of the Priory of Sion

- History and conformation of initiatic, chivalrous and Masonic Orders

- Origins of primordial knowledge and tradition

- Symbology

- Alchemy

- Hermetism

- Study of initiatory paths in existing and past traditions

- Religions and their history

- Philosophy

- Sacred geometry

- Esoteric studies

- Meditation and its different techniques

- History

- Art and sacred art


After a period of specific preparation and a 5 or 6 month attendance at one of ours "Cercle Sigebert IV", it is possible to apply to be initiated in the Priory of Sion and to access our Commanderies and Chapters.



It is not possible to be admitted to the Priory of Sion without first having attended the "Cercle Sigebert IV".



Within the "Cercle Sigebert IV" a group meditation session is held at each meeting.


To get additional informations on our traditional meditation technique, you can view the video document below.


For all those who are interested in our studies, but live too far from our circles, there is the possibility to join our On-Line Academy and deepen the study of the subjects of "Cercle Sigebert IV", being followed by correspondence and- mail, through a Tutor.