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Magickal Thinking

Magickal Thinking

Magical thinking is the origin, the "vehicle", which let us achieve our aims, which mechanical actions, are not descriptible in full by vulgar science and has as its source from the entirety of Human Resources such as "human" as Divine; this desire, this thought that interacts with the material plane, can create a whole series of phenomena which may affect the environment around us or even influence the will of others and this can be done through mechanisms, both common and well-founded knowledge than also esoteric ; each no less important than others.

Aleister Crowley, called "Magick", every act of will, which through one or more actions, it materializes in the real plane.

One can say that the Magic would trespass from the only ritual plan; Magic is all that we produce as a result of our will, through actions.

Mainly in this sense, the Magic is a real thing which is manifested through the various types of skills, not just esoteric and can change people's lives.

There are many people, who have not learned any esoteric secret or ritual, but they already have magical potential operating, innately, in a very effective and developed way, which allows them to shape the reality they live in a powerful manner, in relation to their desires and expectations.

This is the first realization to assimilate, in order not to build a "castle on the foundations of papier mache".

This anticipation, absolutely does not want to diminish the value of the Magickal, esoteric and ritual tradition, but only reasonably put at the center of all this the Man, of which all this is born, being the Man a Ray of the "Divine Essence" or a "God's Ray"; understand this means getting the proper perspective regarding the Man and Magick, therefore be better placed to exercise it by improving themselves and sometimes, consequently, the world around us.

Aleister Crowley said

"Do what thou wilt"

This statement, has a decisive existential significance, since in today's society, perhaps even more than in the past, it is increasingly difficult "to do what you want", being currently at a social level, constantly more and more prevalent mental profile more conducive to a materialistic approach and be based on some sort of concept of "survival", which automatically brings the individual described in hierarchically putting many things that are part of his daily life for essentially practical reasons, the first to get satisfied before his intimate and real will, so before himself, thus compromising his ability to realize its full potential as an individual.

Economical, professional, and other mundane ambitions, desires and expectations of others, can in many cases, dramatically affect a person's priorities, until it practically forget those who are his true desires and his real nature, that instead of coming explored, will be buried in the illusion of obtaining a more concrete convenience.

We are convinced that nowaday,the modern Man, should find the right balance with the external environment, which allows him to live in harmony with the world around and at the same time preserve himself, in order to have the freedom which could allow him to develop in all his potential.

Ritual and esoteric component of Magick, can add "energy" and other adjuvants elements to the magical "natural" influence, born from our will and our resources, providing a powerful and crucial support to our work, but if we want it to work it can not be a mere substitute.

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